→ Drunk Blonde

A bartender is preparing to open for the night when he hears a knock at the door, he opens the door and a beautiful blonde is standing there.
She says, "I'm shy could I get a drink before you open?"
So he lets her in. "What`ll it be?"
"Twenty-five whiskeys please. Just line 'em up."
He is shocked that she would want so much, but he fills them and he watches her down the lot one by one. She then collapsed on the floor.
The bartender looks over the bar, "Not bad" he thinks, and takes her upstairs to have his way with her. When he's had enough he goes back down to open up.
It's a really busy night and to boost business he sells the girl for a twenty bucks per go. Everyone wants a turn at nailing her, and he makes a fortune.
When he has closed up, he takes the girl and puts her outside the door where she first came from and he counts his profits.
The next night at the same time the doorbell rings again so he answers and the girl is back. He can`t believe his luck. Inviting her in he asks, "Twenty five whiskeys again, Darlin'?"
"Oh no," she replies, "vodka please. Whiskey makes my twat sore."

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